Paypal For Casino

Despite the explosive emergence of crypto-currencies and dedicated digital wallets geared towards online services, Paypal still remains as the most prolific, safe, and convenient payment option. It is almost a status symbol - if your website does not offer Paypal payment option, people might get suspicious when regarding the credibility and professionalism of your online service. Founded by legendary entrepreneur Elon Musk, who now moved on to space exploration, Paypal gained a global hegemony in the space of online payments, largely due to appearing just at the right time and offering just the user-friendly experience needed to gain popularity. With that in mind, Paypal for casino platforms is still your best bet, both for casino developers and casino customers.

Bill O'shannahan
4/12 2018
3/28 2019

How Does Paypal Work For Casinos

If you already have your Paypal account set up and verified, it is exceedingly simple to integrate it into your online gambling adventures. All Paypal casinos require you to create a profile and within that profile, you will have the option of adding your payment of choice, by simply adding the email address for your Paypal account.

This way, whenever you deposit or withdraw funds from any Paypal casinos, the processing will automatically link to your Paypal account without any need to fill out additional forms. Such powerful simplicity and convenience is the foundation upon which Paypal owes its success as a global payment processor, especially in Canadian casinos due to the federal allowance of such payment for the purpose of gambling.

Canadian online casinos that accept PayPal

PayPal is one of the most well-established solutions for payments on the internet, and a wide range of great casinos on the internet accept PayPal. The history of PayPal extends back to 1998 when the payment company Confinity was founded. In 2000 they got the name PayPal.

In 2002 PayPal was bought up by eBay and a large part of the transactions carried out by PayPal are current payments between buyers and sellers on eBay, But PayPal is still excellent to use even by independent sites, and there are a lot of online casinos and other gaming sites where you can use PayPal to carry out transactions. In 2015, eBay and Paypal were divided into separate companies. Let’s take a look at som Paypal casinos!

Betway Casino and Sports Betting

Betway is a Canadian online casino that accept PayPal. Do you love sports and the extra kick you get from watching a match that you are fully invested in? Watching a game that not only your team can win, but that also you can win gives a more significant experience and much more excitement. But after all, the important thing here is the winnings and the options for your Sports Betting. Betway offers sports betting for all popular sports such as football, ice hockey, tennis, and golf. Anyone interested in martial arts, boxing, and UFC, will also find something for them, there is almost something for everyone.

At Betway you bet on sports betting directly in your browser and do not have to bother with any extra programs or downloads, all you have to do is join Betway and log in to start your sports betting.

32Red Canadian Casino

32Red is another Canadian online casino that accept PayPal. 32Red had a license from Gibraltar and was from the beginning only available to players from the UK, but now players from all over the world are accepted. They also have a license from eCOGRA which is a stand-alone business. eCOGRA assesses the casino on how they work with fair and responsible gaming. Seeing such a license, you can feel 100% safe with your casino experience.

32Red has a good reputation in the industry thanks to its excellent customer service and its relatively generous bonuses. If you want to play at a Microgaming casino, this is a first class choice. If you want a greater range and slots from several different game makers, you should instead seek your way to another casino.

Ruby Fortune

Looking for a cool Canadian online casino that accept PayPal? Well, then Ruby Fortune is the one. Ruby Fortune was launched in 2003, which means it has been entertaining and for players for 15 years. It has the track record of fast payouts, excellent customer service, responsible casino conduct, and fair play, the result of which is the player seal of approval from regulatory bodies, eCOGRA, and a casino license from the Government of Malta. Ruby Fortune’s casino online mantra is fair, simple, safe and fun, and they now have players from around the world, including Canada. Plus it's available in many different languages and currencies and delivers awesome bonuses, promotions, security features, bank options, loyalty rewards, and more.

888 Casino Canada

888 is a Canadian online casino that accept PayPal, and 888casino is a great casino online with lots of cool deals and a wide range of games that you can both download and play directly in your browser. They also offer a superb live casino with real dealers, a 3D-casino and mobile casino.

The 3D casino has received a lot of attention in the online gaming industry for its innovative graphics and for the software to work with both Windows and Mac OS. In the live casino, you can play roulette, blackjack, and baccarat against real dealers. The Mobile casino offers roulette, blackjack and slot machines.

888casino has a gambling license from Gibraltar which is part of the EU. Profits in the casino are therefore exempt from taxes. Unless you are a professional poker player, then the Canadian government consider your gambling a job, and you may then have to pay taxes. 

888casino has been running since 1997 and is owned by 888 Holdings plc via its subsidiary Cassava Enterprises. The games and other software are designed specifically for 888 and reviewed by eCOGRA. 888casino is part of a group of gaming sites where you will also find 888Bingo, 888poker, and 888Games.

William Hill Casino

Yep, this olide but goldie is also a Canadian casino that accept PayPal. Most people who know William Hill certainly associate the site with odds and sports betting, but for several years William Hill also offers a really sharp casino with a wide range of games in all its forms. William Hill offers three different casino sections: Casino, mobile casino, and Live Casino, a real heaven for the fastidious casino player. Make a deposit or a withdrawal? No problem! William Hill offers quick and secure money transfer. The number of payment methods is over 20, here you can use everything from VISA and Mastercard to e-wallets such as Skrill and of course PayPal, as well as regular bank transfer. To see the full list go in under Help and deposits and withdrawals. PayPal is great but many other paymentmethods are good too. 


Anyone who is familiar with the internet is most likely already familiar with Paypal as a go-to payment processor, which rests as a layer of convenience on top of your debit or credit card. Paypal for casino is a natural extension of that familiarity and is, therefore, a sure way to increase engagement and commitment from potential customers. The simplicity with which Paypal can integrate into your casino removes the psychological barrier of setting up specific payments for specific activities.q


As is always the case, when you see an impediment for some service, the root cause of it is not technological but governmental. Some countries do not allow for Paypal to serve as a payment processor, and some countries are divided in such a way that one state/territory may allow it, while others don't. Fortunately, Paypal casinos in Canada do not suffer from such issues.

Fast deposits and fast Withdrawals?

When you take a gander at the list of payment options available within any online casinos for real money, you will usually see the time needed for deposits and withdrawals for each payment method. To no one's surprise, Paypal is always one of the fastest payments options, both for deposits and withdrawals. Although, do keep in mind that this may vary depending on your bank, the laws of your country, and the withdrawal limitation from the casino itself. Nonetheless, other payment options are affected by these factors as well, so there is nothing to lose if you opt for the Paypal option in place of any other, especially if you already have a verified Paypal account.


Paypal is a giant, global company and as such the support for any issues is more preventative than active. In order to avoid problems that need to be individually resolved, Paypal strives to offer utmost stability and safety. The second layer of support consists of a comprehensive FAQ section which fills out solutions as you type the keywords of your issue, and the last layer of support consists of opening a support ticket for direct interaction with a support employee.

Is Paypal For Casinos The Right Choice?

As the most popular payment processing method of the entire world, Paypal should be your first payment method to integrate, if there are no legal/governmental barriers to do so. Online casinos for real money in Canada are more than adequately suited for such implementation due to conducive legal environment that liberally views online gambling services, with the usual caveat of prohibiting minors from engaging in gambling.

Furthermore, there is power in established brands, so by integrating such a widely known service into your casino, you gain some of that power, which translates into greater credibility and legitimacy for your site. This will, in turn, ease the fears of potential customers, increase their engagement, and most importantly - improve the quality of your Paypal casinos. In short, you don't even have to think whether Paypal for casino is the right choice, but instead only concern yourself with complying with Paypal's guidelines.