iDebit For Casino

Online payment methods have flooded the market ever since the internet was introduced in the 20th century and each one has their own unique markers. iDebit is one such payment service and it is rather helpful especially when it comes to making payments to online casinos. iDebit for casino does not require the use of a credit card since it is completely based online and iGamers can enjoy this hassle-free payment method. It was previously known as InstaDebit and offers its payment services to both merchants and consumers. Here, we will look at how you can make casino payments, withdrawals and deposits, using iDebit as well as its advantages and disadvantages among other things.

Bill O'shannahan
3/15 2018
3/28 2019

How Does iDebit Work for Casinos

iDebit for casino is extremely convenient since the company has partnered with quite a number of online casinos so that they can offer their services to the casino clients. The payment method is extremely secure and acts as a tunnel between the player and the casino in terms of cash transfer.

Since iDebit is connected straight to your bank account, they are the only ones that have your banking information and do not share it with the casino making it completely safe from any third parties. iDebit casinos process their transactions rather quickly and is a much better option when compared to other services such as Bank Wire Transfer.


One of the biggest advantages that iDebit for casino gives their clients is security. The company complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act as well as other treasury regulations making them the perfect candidates for bank-to-casino money transfers and vice-versa. Their servers are heavily protected and you won't have to worry about any information leaks. The service also saves plenty of time and effort since all you have to do is link your bank and casino so as to transfer funds. The fees are also pretty low and won't cost you a leg.


One of the main and maybe the only disadvantage that faces this online payment method is that there aren't that many iDebit casinos around. The service is growing in popularity at an outstanding rate, especially in Canada, but there aren't that many casinos that use it. However, according to projections, most if not all online casinos that operate in Canada will be using the service.

Fast Deposits And Fast Withdrawals?

Payment processing times frustrate most iGamers since most of the methods they use take really long processing times due to security reasons. iDebit for casino, on the other hand, values your time. This means that they spend the least amount of time possible to process your payments to and from the casino without leaving you frustrated. Depositing into casinos is instant and if you are a member of a reputable Canadian Bank, then the withdrawal times are also sliced significantly. There are, however, limits that you should be aware of but these can be extended or even lifted if your identity is properly confirmed and if you are a valued customer of the service.


There are quite a number of ways that you can contact the iDebit support team if you run into any trouble. Simply visit their website and in the contact us section, you will find a dedicated hotline as well as email. A live chat feature is also available but before you resort to contacting them using these methods, you should go through the FAQ section to see if you can find a quick solution.

Is iDebit For Casinos The Right Choice?

Yes. The internet has become a rather risky place especially when it comes to personal and banking information. Hackers are out there illegally obtaining personal information to commit fraud and you don't want to be one of their victims. Payment services such as iDebit for casino stepped up to ease your mind as you play online due to the aforementioned state of the art security that they offer.

The method is completely easy to use and saves you a lot of time which would have otherwise been used to catch up on some gaming. Using it is simple and everyone can and not just tech or internet savvy individuals. Canadian casinos use online payment methods to facilitate deposits and withdrawals and soon, iDebit casinos will be all over the country. If it hasn't been mentioned, iDebit is super Canadian friendly. Most importantly, iDebit processing times are almost instant.