iDeal For Casinos

iDeal is a convenient payment solution for people who like to shop online and want to avoid complicated sets of rules and procedures. iDeal has been around since 2005, and it gives people the opportunity to buy products or services while using their bank for direct online transfers. We all know how popular credit and debit cards are but, iDeal is one of the leading payment systems in European countries and the most popular one in the Netherlands. As we said, people use iDeal mostly for shopping but, also there is a number of iDeal casinos online, so you can use it to make deposits or withdrawals without worrying about safety.

Bill O'shannahan
2/6 2018
3/28 2019

How Does iDeal Work For Casinos?

iDeal is actually a very popular payment method accepted in a number of online casinos for real money. It allows players to transfer money from any bank in the Netherlands to their preferred casino, and all you have to do is look for the iDeal logo in the casino before funding your account and playing.

Depositing and withdrawing money from iDeal casinos is very simple and easy and you have to follow the same steps. First of all, you need to set up an iDeal account. After that, you should go to the cashier of your preferred casino, choose iDeal when authorizing a transaction, and transfer the selected amount of money. It depends on the casino but, in most cases, you won't pay any fees.


iDeal is a very popular option for online payments today and the first choice when it comes to the Netherlands. However, iDeal has its pros and cons so, let's see what they are. On the plus side, it is using the same measures of security as the banks and ensures customers that their money is always safe. Also, transferring money is very easy and fast so, many online casinos for real money use it as a preferred payment method.


The only inconvenience that iDeal might cause to customers is that processed payments cannot be reversed. In case that you think you've been subjected to fraud, the only thing you can do is contact your bank and ask for help, and that's why iDeal advises customers to read the terms and conditions before using their platform. However, iDeal is still high on the list of payment methods in online casinos for real money and players love it.

iDeal App

Aside from iDeal casinos and the web version of this platform, customers can also download the iDeal app available in the App Store for iOS users, and Play Store for Android users. The app is very useful and provides a secure way to make payments. After downloading the app, you can scan QR codes to make a payment or generate QR codes to request payments from other users. To make a payment, you have to scan the iDeal QR code with the app, review the details and press Betalen to complete your payment. When you want to request a payment, you need to generate QR codes with the app and send them to another user as a payment request.

iDeal Support

If you have any questions or concerns about the iDeal platform and payments, you can go to their website and read their FAQ section. There are a number of questions and answers that might help you. In case that you have questions about a cancelled payment or product delivery, you will need to contact the company where you've placed the order.

Is iDeal The Right Choice For Casinos?

iDeal is the most well-liked payment method in the Netherlands and the European Union so far. It certainly has its positive and negative sides but, the most important thing is that it provides safety and security, and customers appreciate that. With iDeal, all of your transactions are protected, and aside from basic online shopping, the company allows users to make deposits and withdrawals from iDeal casinos.

The name says it all - iDeal is the ideal way to make online payments. Most people feel uncomfortable when it comes to online payments using a credit card, so they find iDeal as a great alternative because it allows a direct transfer from their bank account to the online store or iDeal casinos where they want to play. Even though it's available only in the Netherlands and the countries of the European Union, it offers many advantages, and also, iDeal casinos offer amazing bonuses.