Entropay For Casino

EntroPay has been around since 2003, providing people with a virtual VISA card wherever VISA is accepted, which is worldwide and with many industries. Being able to load funds instantly onto your card is just one of the benefits of Entropay casinos. It is a quick and simple payment option, and pretty much anyone, regardless of credit history, can make use of it. This pre-paid virtual Visa card is safe to use for online payments and VISA is a trusted name. Entropay can be used wherever you see the Visa logo. What is beneficial with the card is that you can’t spend more then what you have on the card.

Bill O'shannahan
6/19 2018
3/28 2019

How does Entropay work for casinos

When you use the virtual card at Entropay casinos, you don’t have to share any financial information, and there is no interest or financial charges when loading the card. People often think Entropay is an actual card, but it’s a virtual card and when you sign up for it, you get a 16 digit card number as well as a CVV number for additional protection.

At Entropay casinos, it is easy to deposit and withdraw money with your Entropay. Depositing money into your online account using different currencies including CAD is an instant process. What’s more is that Entropay protects your in- and outgoing transactions with excellent security. Transactions have AES-256 encryption and all services are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Registering for Entropay costs nothing. With Entropay casinos, you simply open an account by filling in a form and choosing a username and password. You can begin using the account as soon as money is loaded onto your card. You can hold hold more than one EntroPay Virtual Visa card. It’s a top payment solution for online gamblers, it is easy to register an account and within minutes your card can be funded and ready for play.


Gambling is all about having lots of money to play in the first play and one disadvantage with Entropay casinos is that there are a lot of fees connected with funding your account this way and then withdrawing funds back to your personal account. There aren’t many currencies accepted with Entropay either and this means contending with lots of conversion fees.

Fast deposits and fast Withdrawals?

Getting started with EntroPay casinos requires you to first set up an account on website. This in itself is a quick process, taking just a few minutes to complete. You then have a virtual Visa associated with your account. As with a typical e-wallet solution, you’ll need to a bank account to your EntroPay account in order to fund it. Because this product is designed to be used anywhere Visa is accepted, it means that you can rely on it for fast deposits and withdrawals. Since most merchants accept Visa, you can use Entropay at these sits too. There are pros and cons with any payment method, but this is a fast, flexible service, allowing you to instantly fund your casino account.


Everybody wants support with gambling if it is to remain fun, relaxed, carefree and entertaining. EntroPay offers support in the way of their secure messaging service through a user’s account. When you log into your account, you’re able to send email through the Help service. Other contact details are also available such as a postal address, their FAQ section as well as Entroypay ensuring a customer service representative answering queries within 24 hours. A drawback is having no telephone contact.

Is Entropay for casinos the right choice?

Yes, Entropay casinos are a good choice. The reason is that they offer Visa virtual cards, you’re also given a 16-digit card number, and then everything is pretty much a standard Visa card, complete with the CVV number and expiry date. Entropay was established in 2000 and is considered to be an incredibly secure option to use, and wherever Visa is accepted. This means it is accepted worldwide.

Entropay is safe and you can fund your online casino account safely. There aren’t as many Entropay casinos as what you get with other payment options but there are some excellent, secure online casinos where you get wonderful welcome bonuses as a new player. They offer a simple and fast way to transfer funds in different currencies around the world, and one can safely say that this prepaid card will continue to appeal to those wanting a simple, easy way to spend your casino money.