Bitcoin Casino Canada

I think most of you have heard about the cryptocurrency bitcoin as a payment method at bitcoin casino Canada. The digital currency has existed for about ten years. The person behind this cryptocurrency and the father of all cryptos goes by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. However, this is believed to be a pseudonym.

Bitcoin is a digital currency used in transactions between buyers and sellers online. This is called a Blockchain. You can use this currency both at bitcoin casinos Canada, and when it comes to other purchases, so it is not only some online casinos that found that this is a smooth way to manage transactions.

Bill O'shannahan
11/7 2018
3/28 2019

Bitcoin Casino Canada Games

That it is essential to make sure that the methods of transactions you choose are safe and secure, we all know about and so is of course also the case when it comes to bitcoin. Since we want to find the combination of good games at good casinos in Canada that offer bitcoin, there are three things that we need to check out so that they keep the measure (the games, the bitcoin casino Canada and the place for the purchase of bitcoins).

One thing that is good to have as a rule of thumb is to see if it is reliable companies that make use of the currency then it gives a good indication as to whether this is good or bad. We only have one thing to say here, and that is that NetEnt is using bitcoin and that is an indicator that this currency is accepted and safe to use at secure and licensed casinos. 

Casino and Bitcoin - The love story

One of the bitcoin casinos Canada that was quick to jump on the train and started using bitcoins early was Vera & John, but they no longer use bitcoins. Other casinos do, and among these, we find BitStarz Casino and Betchain Casino. They also offers great bonuses for bitcoin players. Since there are many advantages to bitcoin casino Canada, there is, of course, nothing that says that there will not appear more and more bitcoin casinos Canada that take the opportunity to offer their players this payment option. So, if you are looking for casinos that offer bitcoins as a payment method, you are on the right track!

How does it work?

First of all, all people that have a crypto-wallet with a bitcoin addresess can send bitcoins to each other without problems, so there are no limits on who can send bitcoins to as long as they have an address for receiving them. To send bitcoins to another user of the currency, do the following; Enter the person's bitcoin address, then enter your private authorization key. At a bitcoin casino Canada you will easily transfer your bitcoins and claim your bitcoin bonus. Since bitcoin, as mentioned, is a digital currency, it works as if when you use it, it is converted to one of the other currencies that the games you play support. In other words, it is anything but complicated to play with bitcoin, because it takes care of itself.

When you use bitcoin, you have a so-called wallet file, and it contains both your purchased bitcoins and some cryptographic key pairs. The key pair, in turn, consists of a public key and a private key used to various things in the transactions. The public key is where you find the public bitcoin address and the private key authorizes the payments made from your wallet.

Why should you use bitcoin?

There is a lot that is positive about bitcoins, and one of the things added to make it safer to use is "Provably fair casino gambling" that merely checks that all users of bitcoins get odds that are fair at a bitcoin casino Canada.

With bitcoin, there will never be any fees (except when you are trading money or bitcoins via trading companies). We are used to the fact that charges often apply when we use, for example, credit cards, but with bitcoin, we get what we pay for without having to pay extra.

This currency also enables online transactions that can take place entirely without the involvement of a third party, which is welcome. You do not need to plug in banks to take their time for acceptance of deposits and withdrawals, but it is in this way that there is a rapid exchange of “money” through buyers and sellers.

Bitcoin, storage, and acquisition

Bitcoin is stored virtually. For many of us, the concept feels abstract, and it's hard to comprehend. Bitcoin is kept in e-wallets just like our regular currency. Its storage security is as high as the money we are used to using. A more detailed explanation of the open wallets can be found in the below.

When it comes to the acquisition of Bitcoin, there are several ways to go. You can deposit a specific monetary value and switch it to Bitcoin in financial platforms that offer that service. Online casinos are one of the most common places where you can find the virtual currency. If you deposit money into an online casino, you can then switch them to Bitcoin and continue your gambling. Of course, it is also possible to buy Bitcoin by meeting a dealer who offers that particular service and obtain the currency. However, the latter method is used quite rarely.

Bitcoin wallets

At present, we are talking about four e-wallets when it comes to Bitcoin:

Mobile e-wallets accessed as the name itself suggests through mobile devices. The method is efficient as it offers great flexibility.

Online wallets that cannot be accessed from your mobile but they have the same features. These are very good as they memorize details of previous transactions and can be used as drafts of future ones.

Documents containing password information for your Bitcoin transfer; this storage is entirely offline and includes information on sensitive data required to conduct a Bitcoin transaction.

Wallets in the form of hardware are usually USBs that you can stick into your computer. USB summarizes all information about the value of your Bitcoins, passwords, and instructions on transfers. That form of storage is characterized as the safest at the moment when no data is stored virtually.

Regardless of which option you choose, you should know that all methods are adapted to Bitcoin casino Canada.

Where to find the right bitcoin wallet?

There are many Bitcoin wallets and other wallets for different cryptocurrencies. If you are serious with your crypto-transfers and storage. We recommend you find forums where these things are discussed. We are not professional bitcoin traders or handlers. We only know basic facts. We compare casinos Canada, and that’s our strength. But, when you have found a great wallet: head to a bitcoin exchange and buy as much bitcoin as you want. When you choose where to buy your bitcoins, it is essential that you be careful to check out what site it is so that you can feel confident that it is secure and reliable.

Now you have money in your virtual wallet, and the only thing left for you to do now is to register a game account at an online casino that you feel your heart patting a little extra for. Since it's getting more and more comfortable to find a bitcoin casino Canada, you’ll be playing in no time!