Mega Moolah - an exciting slot game

One of the most played slots in new casinos from Microgaming is Mega Moolah. This is a real jackpot slot machine with the unique offer that once a jackpot has been paid out, it will immediately restart at the sum of one million dollars. In this slot, there are a total of four jackpots: mini, minor, major and mega. The prize most in demand is, of course, the Mega Jackpot. Major is also the coveted jackpot, and it always starts at €10. 000, while mini start at €1.000 and mini at €10. Do you want to join the hunt for big money? Then start spinning!

Bill O'shannahan
10/18 2018
3/28 2019

The Review

As the game progresses, you can play a casino bonus canada game, and here are the chances for the jackpot! With an RTP of just over 88%, it's probably not the one that attracts players that want win small sums often. 88% in RTP it’s a low figure compared to most slots – but this is a slot machine built for passionate jackpot hunters.

How to play

How does Mega Moolah slot machine work? As a player, you can very quickly start to play Mega Moolah Slot. The player begins by deciding how much he wants to play for and on how many pay lines. It is the time to click the spin button. Then the game starts, and the player then does not have to do more than enjoy the symbols appearing. Hopefully, they will land in a combination that brings profit.

Game rules

different symbols. When certain combinations of symbols appear, different scatters in the game can also be triggered. The player can win money, and additionally, activate new animations where the entire game screen is brought to life. In Mega Moolah there are five reels and three rows. The player's task is to produce a winning combination with so many similar symbols as possible on the pay-lines. This is the foundation of almost all slots, but there are also some features that are a bit more unique to this game. This slot can, like many others from Microgaming, be played in a demo mode. In this mode, the game has exactly the same features as usual, but the player can not win real money. In demo mode, players cannot use different bonuses or similar. However, a player can enter the jackpot mode of the game.

Paylines and pay table

In Mega Moolah, players can distribute their bets across 25 different pay lines. In this slot machine, the lines are counted both ways, and this gives the player very high chances of winning. It is easy to place a bet on the slot, although it contains many pay lines, even experienced players can enjoy this slot. In this slot machine, Canada the player can win a maximum win of several million euros, and the progressive jackpot can be extremely high. This slot machine generally provides few, but relatively high, payouts.

Coin values & symbols

The player has excellent opportunities in this slot to be able to adjust the bet to the level, so it suits the players budget. You can customize your bet using three different parameters. First, the player should choose how high the coin value should be. Choose from ten cents and up to five euros. The player can then decide how many paylines they want to play on, from one pay line up to all 25 pay lines. You also have to choose how many coins you want to bet on each pay line. The player's minimum bet can be a single coin at the minimum coin value, which is equivalent to 10 cents, and the maximum bet will be 125 coins.

The slot has a wild symbol that looks like a lion. This can replace all other symbols to create a winning combination on a pay-line. The Scatter symbol is symbolized by a monkey, and if the player gets more than three such symbols, they get 15 free spins in the slot.

How to win at Mega Moolah?

As a player, you can not figure out how to bet to win, and you can not influence the result in any way. It's merely about getting lucky, and to get the right symbols on the reels. When playing, it can be useful to play when you have a bonus, or only play with free spins. Then you don't risk losing as much money. If you do not have a big budget to play for, it may sometimes be better to bet a little less several times than to make only one or two big bets, but according to game theory, is usually better to bet on all paylines.

Return to player

Mega Moolah Slot has an RTP (return to player) of 88.12 %. This means that in theory, a player gets back an average of 88.12 % when wagering a hundred dollars. This RTP value is relatively low if you make sure that most other slots have an average RTP of 96 %. However, 88.12 % is slightly higher than the percentage you get if you play on real slots in brick and mortar casinos. In this slot machine there is very high entertainment value, and even if you do not bet high amounts every time, you can win a great deal.

Graphics and sound effects

Many believe that the Mega Moolah slot is very well made and stylish, and we agree with that. Several beautiful animal symbols fit well with the classy background that can be seen both as a night sky and as part of the African savannah. The game's experience is enhanced by powerful animations and excellent background music. Both the sound, the light, and the graphics are brought together in a good way.

Free spins bonus rounds

Mega Moolah Slot is a little different from other slots on the market. For example, there is no difficult bonus mode where the player needs to make different choices to win a prize. It is via the scatter symbol the free spins bonus round can be obtained in the slot machine. Although there is no bonus mode, as a player, however, one can resemble the game's jackpot wheel as a bonus game.

Mega Moolah mobile casino

Mega Moolah Slot is also available for Canadian players who want to play with their phone or tablet. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you can play this slot even when you are on the go. It is developed in a technology that makes it work just as well to play in an app as in the mobile or tablet browser. Many games only work on larger screens, but with this slot machine, you can see the different buttons and symbols clearly, even on a small screen.

Summary of Mega Moolah slot machine

If you are not looking for a slot where you are the main character in a story, this slot machine is for you. Here you do not have to make several choices inside the game, everything takes care of itself. Although this game is a bit old on the market, it offers excellent gaming pleasure and the possibility of making you a millionaire. The game is aesthetically pleasing, and it works on all possible devices. Mega Moolah Slot can give the player huge wins thanks to its four different jackpot opportunities.