Live Casino And Live Dealer Games

The concept of the live casino is a truly brilliant and revolutionary way to enjoy your favourite table games online. Live casino games have managed to combine the most positive aspects of online casino games with the traditional physical casino gaming experience. Playing a live game at the best casinos is like getting the best of both worlds. Live casino online table games incorporate the assistance of live dealers, unlike the normal online casino games which generally consist of automated play. Live dealer games developed from the need of many online players craving the feel and ambience that was synonymous with brick and mortar casinos. Though there are many similarities between the two, the major difference comes from the socializing aspect of physical casinos that is hard to replicate.

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7/30 2018
3/19 2019

Glamour From The Comfort Of Your Home

Live casino gaming is definitely lots of fun and does not have the physical restrictions of traditional brick and mortar casinos. You can enjoy your favourite games from your PC at home or try out mobile live casino games on your hand held device when on the go. The experience is more or less equallyh awesome even if you play at a mobile casino. Games at a live casino are broadcasted in real time from your preferred online casino 24 hours a day. You can play a game in any country of your choice without the need of a passport from the comfort of your home. The live casino games are usually streamed to your device either from a studio setting or an actual casino environment. Most players prefer to indulge in games from a casino environment for the authentic and realistic entertainment value that it provides.

Studio streamed Live casino gaming events are also quite popular because of the options they provide to players. The settings can easily be changed to mimic the players most comfortable playing environment. Players can also dictate the type of wheel they prefer to play on. All live casino games also come with many other playing options to ensure that players get the best out of the gaming experience. A chat feature on the screen will allow you to interact with both the live dealer and other players during the live casino games. Players are also able to see every single aspect of the game from every spin, bet or card dealt during the live casino online game of their choice. They can also view the actual results of past games in order to help them make more informed betting choices.

The phenomenon of live casino games has been catching on like wildfire throughout the globe and Canada has not been left out. It is one of the most popular online casino destinations in the world with hundreds of great casinos to choose from. The addition of the live dealer casino platform to their arsenal of world-renowned casinos is not only due to the innovative nature of the live casino but also due to their offerings in casino games. Live casino gaming provides players with games that boast of some amazing features which enhance the overall online casino experience. These features include excellent graphics, real-time gameplay, live dealer assistance, great rewards and seamless gaming. The choice of games that are available on the live dealer platform is also numerous for any gamer.

In Canada, online casino players can choose from a vast array of live casino games that are on offer at different reputable casinos. These games range from classic casino tables to new innovative variants. The majority of all new casinos offer Live Casino these days. Some of the most popular live dealer games among Canadian players include; Blackjack, Common Draw Blackjack Low Roller, Live French Roulette, Live Roulette La Partage, Prestige Roulette, Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, Sic Bo, Craps, Unlimited Blackjack and Live Blackjack Pro among others. These games are designed by the best and most creative online casino software developers including Netent and Evolution gaming. Live dealer games continue to be released consistently into the online casino market and the choice of games on offer may soon surpass that of online casino slots.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette games are played with the same rules as video roulette. The only differences are that they are played in real time and each game is managed by a real life dealer. Playing Roulette at a live casino will also require a reliable and fast internet connection to enable seamless streaming. Live Roulette is one of the most played games by online casino regulars. The rules are simple and easy to follow. The inclusion of the live croupier adds to the excitement and gives players the traditional feel of the game. In live Roulette, high powered cameras and a revolutionary technology called the optical character recognition are used for transmitting results and play by play transitions to player’s screens.

The cameras in the live casino are strategically placed above the wheel and the dealer to enable players to follow the game and make informed bets. Like in any other online casino game there are certain tips that will help you when playing live casino Roulette. The first tip is to ensure that you pick the right variation of Roulette. Always ensure that you understand the odds of the live roulette game before playing. This may require a little research on your part. Another important tip is to make outside bets anytime you feel an urge to bet big. Outside bets are the safest in roulette and offer great returns on your wager.

Live Blackjack

When it comes to traditional and online casino card games, Blackjack can easily be considered the most popular. This game and its variants are stapled at all online casinos. This is the reason it was among the first games to be introduced to the live casino platform. Live casino games of blackjack are however more interesting and entertaining. The real-life croupiers are more ebullient and add more excitement to an already popular game. A large majority of live online casinos in Canada offer a standard 3 to 2 game with the croupier standing on soft 17. These games have minimal house edges which are favourable to most players.

Live Baccarat Online

Baccarat is one of the pioneering card games in the history of the casino. It has made a transition from physical casinos to online casinos and is now available at live casinos. This is one of the live casino games that are extremely favoured by high rollers. The game requires very little skill to play and winning will depend on your luck. Playing Baccarat at a live casino online is very amazing and entertaining. There are numerous prompts that aid players when playing such as a green and red light that alert players on when to start and stop placing bets.

Baccarat live casino games also boast of other exciting features such as multi-camera zooming options. This feature allows players to strategically view the cards on the table and the dealers hand during gameplay. It also allows them to view gameplay from various camera angles. The maximum and minimum bets for any live Baccarat game are also displayed on the player's device screen. Any bets that are lower or higher than the set limit will be automatically rejected by the live gaming system. The croupiers in the game have no influence or control on betting, this is directly handled by the games inbuilt software.

Live Sic Bo

The origins of the dice game Sic Bo can be traced back to ancient China. Today this ancient Chinese game can be enjoyed in online casinos and live casinos. This live casino game has very simple rules and is played using three dice and a croupier. The aim of the game is to bet on the outcome of the three dice that are rolled by the dealer in an enclosed container. There are generally eight different types of bets that can be placed in a live casino game of Sic Bo. These bets include a number bet, pair bet, a double bet, a triple bet and a small or big bet.

The rules or Sic Bo are similar for both online and live casino games though there are certain differences in gameplay worth mentioning. In live Sic Bo, the game is controlled by a real-life croupier, which means that players are bound by their instructions in real time. The online version of the game is solely controlled by the players, meaning that they can take as long as they please during gameplay. Live Sic Bo also incorporates various options to increase the entertainment value of the game. Players are able to zoom in from different camera angles while following the game play. To get a better view of the dice roll or enjoy the ambience of the game.

Live Poker Canada

The popularity of the game of poker had taken a slump before the advent of online casinos. Online casinos have led to the revival of the game's popularity and allowed it to move into the realm of live casino games. There are many variants of live poker available at popular online casinos across Canada. The most popular variation of poker in Canada is Texas Hold'em. Live poker is more exciting due to the interaction with real-life players and the croupier. The chances of winning at live poker will vary depending on the online casino due to the differences in pay tables.

When Playing, Play Smart

When deciding to play Live casino games there are certain considerations you must take into account. These tips will help you play smart and extend your playing time at your favourite online live casino. Firstly ensure that your internet connection has enough bandwidth to stream your live game in real time. Your choice of the live casino to play at is also an important consideration. Choose a Canadian casino that is reputable to ensure safety and security of your personal financial information. Reputable casinos will also ensure that all their live games are conducted fairly according to industry standards. The most important tip, however, is to ensure you have fun and treat the live dealer and other players with respect.

Suppliers For Live Casino

Live casino games sit at the top of the food chain when it comes to technological advancements in the online gaming industry. This new genre of online casino games has managed to combine the best aspects of traditional casino gambling with online casino gaming into one seamless component. The creativity and innovation that is characteristic in these games can be credited to the brilliant minds of the online and mobile live casino software developers who conceptualize, create and supply these games to your preferred live casino. The most recognized live dealer software suppliers in the industry are Netent gaming, Evolution gaming and Xtreme gaming.

The main technology that is used by these live casino developers and suppliers is the optical character recognition (OCR) software. OCR helps to convert real-life casino gaming data into digital content in real time that is then transmitted to your digital device or PC. The suppliers’ duty does not end once they provide their live games to the casino, they continue to monitor and offer technical assistance in partnership with the online casinos. These suppliers use the latest high-quality hardware and software in order to provide various live casino products that will work seamlessly with different operators.

NetEnt Live

The Netent brand is well known for its superior slot games. They are also currently one of the leading suppliers of Live casino games. Their live casino platform boasts of some amazing features. The platform is able to seamlessly integrate products to casino operators using their Chroma key technology. it can easily be used on both portrait and landscape screen modes while maintaining high-quality graphics and sound. On the Netent software, you can enjoy playing live casino online games in 22 languages.

Extreme Live Gaming

Extreme gaming was founded in 2013 and offers players 3 live casino games with a unique side bet feature. Their live roulette online casino game has a golden ball feature which allows a player the chance to choose when the ball is to be introduced after every 20 spins. The extreme gaming interface is multilingual and carters to players in different regions. Players can also enjoy fast betting with high-quality video graphics. The platform also displays game statistics during the game and allows players to chat with the dealer and customer care in real time.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is the market leader when it comes to the development and innovation of live online and mobile casino games. Their platform offers some amazing features for players that make their games more rewarding and fun. Players can engage in more than one game at a time on multiple tables. Players can also easily control sound and video options during the live casino games. Games can be viewed in either classic or 3D mode on the Evolution platform. They also offer detailed rules for all their games, playing hand histories and a wide range of VIP tables for high rollers.

Finding The Right Live Casino

The main reason for visiting an online casino or a Live casino is to have fun and maybe win some money in the process. There are however some pertinent considerations you should take into account before settling to have some fun while playing your favourite live casino games. The choice of the casino is the most important of all these considerations. A good live casino online should offer you safety and security and top-notch services. Research is an essential part of determining the best live casino for you. Most great online casinos thrive on reputation and reviews from frequent players who have tried the site.

A Live casino slightly differs from a normal online casino because all their games are played in real time and controlled by croupiers. A good internet connection is key for both the players and the live casino. When choosing a casino to play your live casino games ensure that that the lapses in connection are either very minimal or don’t exist at all. This will ensure that your gameplay is seamless on mobile live casino devices and your PC. Other factors to consider include the features available on the casinos live gaming platform and the ease of use. Find casinos that allow for multiple games at a time and cater to high rollers by offering services such as VIP tables.

Live Games On Offer

Another aspect that should influence your choice of a live casino to play at is the selection of games on offer. The more live casino games available at a casino the better the odds and your chances of winning. In Canada, most reputable casinos have a selection of up to 50 live casino games for players to choose from. Always ensure that you choose a game that you are familiar with or read the rules carefully before playing.

Live Casino Bonuses

A Live casino will make use of different types of bonuses to attract players to their collection of live casino games. These live casino bonuses come in the form of Deposit Bonuses, No-Deposit Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, Promotional Offers and Sign up Bonuses. Always ensure that you fully understand what each bonus offer entails by reading the terms and conditions carefully. Pay special attention to wagering requirements and bonus clearance terms. Always pick a live casino online bonus with low wagering and bonus clearance terms.

Awesome Live Croupiers

Live casino real life croupiers are the main attraction for players of live casino games. This is because they give the live dealer casino experience a realistic feel. They also make the games feel more fair and trustworthy as compared to standard online casino games that rely on computerized number generators to determine wins. The fact that players can follow their every move from different camera angles and report any suspicions to pit bosses makes them feel at ease. The interaction between the players and dealers through live chat helps to create the feel of an entertaining natural playing environment.