Blackjack Online

Blackjack online is an online casino game of comparing cards and it usually involves several players and a live dealer. In this game, each player gets a chance to compete against the live dealer but do not compete against each other. It can be played with one or even more decks of 52 cards and has over the years become one of the most widely played online casino games in the world. This game is full of fun but some of its rules are a little complex. However, this should not scare you as just a little bit of practice and knowledge of standard rules, the very basic that are mostly used, could be your ticket to riches.

Bill O'shannahan
7/12 2018
3/28 2019

Beat The House To Win

For Blackjack online, the objective is for players to win by beating the house in any one of the three ways. The first way to beat the live dealer is by getting 21 points on your first two player cards without getting a dealer blackjack. The second way is by reaching a final score that is higher than the dealer's score without exceeding 21. Another way you can get to beat the house to win is by letting the dealer draw additional cards to himself until his hand exceeds 21. However, if there is a push, that is if the player and the live dealer have the same total, without counting blackjacks, then the player does not win or lose.

Live Blackjack Online

In the live online blackjack, you get to sit across real dealers and pit your wits against them in a game that is full of combinations, excitement, and nerves. This game is made even more interesting by the unique options for side bets and all the fun that is usually found in a live casino. At the live online blackjack tables, eight decks of 52 cards are usually used. They are normally shuffled together in a shoe and reshuffled periodically. The live blackjack dealer receives one hole card and then peeks for the blackjack. If you hit the blackjack, you are usually paid at the odds of 3:2.

As the online blackjack hand progresses, there are even more options that become available. You can always double down on any two-card hand, meaning that you can double your bet in exchange for committing to stand after getting an additional card. You can even split two cards if they are paired and of equal value. The surrender option is however not available in live online blackjack, but players can still get to buy insurance if the live dealer shows an ace which pays on the odds of 2:1 should he hit the blackjack.

Mobile Blackjack

Blackjack online games have experienced massive growth over the years. In today's modern world, people are starved of time, and online casinos have been trying so hard to keep up. With mobile casinos, casinos have been made more accessible to people and they can access them anytime they would like to. With the growth in the technology sector, these mobile casinos have also grown and are even more popular than land-based casinos. Blackjack online was one of the first games to have transitioned to the online platform since it had grown overwhelmingly popular and had quite the simplest graphics. The mobile online blackjack is no different from the usual blackjack.

Playing blackjack online on your mobile device is quite simple. Once you download the app, players can place bets and click on 'deal', and two cards will be drawn at random. Players can then decide to stand or choose to draw another card in an attempt to reach the 21 score. Wins will be paid out impressively, making this mobile casino game worth your time. Mobile online blackjack is also suitable for players on the go as they can log in, make deposits and get to play within minutes without having to visit a casino. The mobile blackjack also retains features and functions so that the fun remains the same.

Online Blackjack Special Bonuses

With several casinos in the market, you can always take advantage of the impressive casino offers available before you can start to play. The best sites for online blackjack will always provide its players with a generous welcome bonus upon completion of registration. Sometimes these bonuses can come in the form of matched deposit bonuses that are available in different tiers. For example, you can get a 100% match up deposit bonus on your first deposit and several others on subsequent deposits. These bonuses are a great way to increase your bankroll as you enjoy online blackjack.

There are also some other casinos that offer players a no deposit bonus, that is, you get a bonus without making any cash deposits. This bonus is usually awarded on registration. The bonus might not be much but it can definitely be enough to fund some blackjack bets that you can start with. These casino bonuses can be combined with free spin rounds so that players on the mobile blackjack platform can have unlimited fun. There are also several other promotions that are specifically for table games or the live blackjack, so make sure you choose the best options.

Why Should You Play Blackjack Online?

Apart from some of these amazing offers, playing blackjack online can be an unforgettable experience with so many benefits that come along with it. There is also a wide variety of game variations and you can easily try your luck at everything from Zappit to Blackjack switch. The gameplay is also quite fast making it easier for you to play while other players are wagering. The game isn't crowded as well as there are numerous tables and you only play against the live dealer and not against other players.

For first time players, getting started is easy and in case you have any trouble, you will always find guidelines that give you an insight on how to play. Several casinos also offer players a chance to play for free, giving you an opportunity of trying the game before playing for real money. Instructions on how to play and when to play are usually available onscreen so that players don't waste time. Players who have played before can enjoy several high rolling options that allow them to get the most out of their blackjack online gaming experience.

Thrilling No Matter Where You Are

Blackjack online games are available for Canadian players on the Blackjack apps that are available both on the Google Play store and the Apple app store. This means that you have the online blackjack games in your hands, literally. All you need to do is to make a deposit of the amount you would like to wager. Once you are done, you are good to go, and you can easily have all the fun on the mobile blackjack regardless of where you are.

Find A Dealer You Like

For live blackjack players, you need to find a live dealer that you like. Truth is, live dealers are usually trained to be friendly and interactive, but just like in real life, there is always one difference. Good thing is, live dealers are usually rotated frequently so you will not be stuck with one specific live dealer. So if you feel you do not like a particular dealer, you can always change tables and find your lucky dealer.

Bet big or bet small

Wagers come in several sizes and they suit every player differently. New players can start with as little as CAD 0.10 to about CAD 0.50. This is usually the minimum bet range of most casinos and new players can bet this much to avoid losses while still learning. However high rollers who are more experienced can bet as much as CAD 10, 000. Your bet amount should be based on how much you have and your gaming experience.

Find The Best Sites For Blackjack Through Us

The mobile online casino industry keeps changing each and every day. This growth means that there are several casinos that one can choose from. Finding the casino that would satisfy all your requirements can be at times a difficult task, but you do not have to worry since we are here to sort you out. Most of the casino reviews we give cover all the important areas so that you can easily go through the blackjack online options quickly. However, the most important thing is that you find a reliable casino with a good reputation. We provide reliable information on the best mobile blackjack apps, live dealer casinos and more.

We also provide information that involves all the offers and promotions that are available when you play blackjack online. We also assist you in finding the best mobile apps, mobile sites and live options. We cover everything from deposit options to customer care services that will enable you to find Canadian casinos that best suit your demands. This gives you more time to enjoy the blackjack game.