Baccarat Online

One of the few table games that continuously thrills players everywhere is Baccarat. The popularity of the card game transverses online casinos. If you are an ardent fan of James Bond, you'll catch him playing a hand of Baccarat whenever he gets into a casino. Over the years, online casinos have continued perfecting their software to provide players with an immersive Baccarat experience. Today, playing Baccarat, even on your mobile device, feels like you are in an actual casino. If you want to join the spymaster and numerous Canadian players in a live dealer Baccarat game, then you can do that too. Here are a few tips to help you find the best Canadian casino sites for Baccarat online.

Bill O'shannahan
4/8 2018
3/28 2019

Time To Gamble

Believe it or not, you don't have to wager huge amounts of money to enjoy Baccarat. Most online casinos offer enticing signup bonuses for new players. That means the casino offers you an upfront bankroll to start enjoying games right away when you make your first deposit. When choosing the best casino sites for Baccarat, you will want to find ones that offer a bonus you can use for the table games or live Baccarat options. Another thing to consider when selecting the best online casino is the mobile experience. You'll find yourself playing Baccarat on the go most of the time, so a site that supports mobile devices comes in very handy.

Live Baccarat Online

What should you expect when playing online Baccarat? For starters, the same rules apply. The beauty of Baccarat, if you are a beginner, is that once the wagers are placed, gameplay happens almost automatically. You can enjoy a cold soda and watch the game unfold after placing your wager. But to enjoy a live Baccarat game, you must understand what is happening on the table, right? There are a few rules that will help you get into the thick of things in the shortest time possible. Firstly, Baccarat is usually played by 14 players, with each assigned a number. Live Baccarat tables skip the number 13 for superstitious reasons.

Players on an online Baccarat table place wagers on three outcomes. They can either bankroll the player winning, the banker winning, or a tie between the two. The wagers are placed in three boxes, each earmarked for one of the possible outcomes. The live dealer will then deal a pair of cards to all players on the Baccarat table, with the option to draw more cards to form a winning hand. Numbered cards retain their value, while face cards have no value. A card combination that totals more than 10 is subtracted from 10 to reach the final value.

Baccarat - Mobile Play

Playing online Baccarat on your mobile device today is pure bliss. There's virtually no difference between mobile browser gameplay and PC gameplay. You get to enjoy the same interactivity and graphics on your mobile device as that found on your computer. What's more, online casino software vendors are continuously improving on games, to allow players to interact with each other. Today, you can chat with a fellow player at a live Baccarat table by pressing on the chat option, where it is available. Additionally, you can download a native mobile app that supports a live dealer option, for increased convenience and immersive gameplay.

Hardware improvements that come with each new generation of smartphone continue to improve on the capability of mobile devices. This means that almost every feature on PC casino games can now be replicated on mobile. This is great news for Canadian players since they spend more time on smartphones compared to PCs and laptops. The best casino sites for Baccarat online have instant play directly from your browser. However, they may also have links to mobile apps, so always check to see. You can also contact the customer support to help you find a mobile Baccarat app if you cannot find the links.

Bonuses For Baccarat

Apart from the typical signup and deposit bonuses offered by the best casino sites for Baccarat, there are several other bonuses you may want to look at. These generally have a high payout, which means you can use them to build your bankroll. Before getting to the bonuses, it's relevant to mention that you don't want to wager your entire bankroll on one of these bonuses. These bonuses have extremely high odds meaning their chances of panning out are significantly high.

You want to keep your eye out for the Dragon Baccarat bonus and the Panda bonus if the casino offers them. The Dragon Baccarat bonus is more of a side bet, where the player bets on whether the live dealer or player wins with a natural hand. Depending on the victory margin, the payout from a Dragon Baccarat bonus wager can be substantial. A natural win with cards that total closer to 9 will automatically pay out more. The Panda bonus means that Baccarat bets pay out 5% more than the regular bets.

Play Baccarat Online

Now that you know some of the things you should look out for when selecting the best casino sites for Baccarat, there are a few other things you should always check. First of all, you want to make sure that the casino you are about to sign up with supports Canadian payment methods and currency. Most Baccarat online casinos support a variety of payment methods, each with its advantages. E-wallets are especially attractive if you don't want your casino activities appearing on your banking details.

Canada accepts most of the major payment solutions such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill, leaving you with ample choice to select the best-suited e-wallet solution to fund your live Baccarat gameplay. Another thing you should check out is whether the casino allows players to play Baccarat for free. Free play is a great way to get some experience and work on your strategy before you wager any real money. Most casinos allow you to play games for free, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding one. That said, you won't get to play against real players.

For The Smart Players

For the smart Canadian player, improving the odds of winning and lowering the casino's edge, is always part of a winning strategy. Online Baccarat, like most casino games, is primarily about luck and chance. There is not a lot a player can do to influence the outcome of the game, but you can always improve your chances by implementing a few strategies. First of all, when playing Baccarat online, you want to keep track of the game's history to spot any trends. Once you spot a trend on a live dealer table, you can take advantage of it by wagering on the banker or the player.

Multiple Croupiers To Choose From

The number of live dealer Baccarat options is almost as large as the number of online casinos open today. Each online Baccarat casino has a different croupier for their Baccarat table, themed after the casino. Moreover, there are different variations to the game that you can find. You can explore the vast number of live Baccarat tables and options to find the one that appeals to you the most.

Wager Your Desired Amount

Now that you are comfortable enough to play at a live Baccarat table, you may be wondering what amount you should bet. Most casinos have a minimum and maximum bet limit displayed on the table. It can range from as little as CAD5 to several thousand on the high roller tables. Check out each table limit to determine the most suitable bet limit, depending on your bankroll or your prefered winnings.

Best Canadian Sites For Baccarat

Canada has some of the best online casinos with excellent customer support and security. Additionally, the best casino sites for Baccarat will offer multiple payment and withdrawal options to serve the entire market. Spin Palace Casino comes at the top of the pack due to its generous signup bonus, and well structured live dealer Baccarat section. Players at the casino are treated to an extensive array of croupiers and different tables that suit different bankrolls. Placing Baccarat bets is straightforward as all the options are well laid out on the interface. The casino supports both mobile devices and PC games. Jackpot City is a close second, matching all the offerings at Spin Palace Casino, but with a lower payout rate.

A close third is Ruby Fortune online casino, where players are treated to a signup bonus, extensive support for mobile devices, and a wide range of Baccarat tables to choose from. Wherever you choose, playing online Baccarat is a treat, with an immersive experience and exciting gameplay. Why not try it our for free and see for yourself?