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Online casino bonuses have become quite popular following the increase of new online casinos that results in greater competition. With this, casinos are prompted to come up with strategic plans through which they can attract new customers and maintain the existing ones. Use of casino bonuses and promotions helps the platforms to achieve a competitive edge at a time when competition is high. Bonuses have become very popular and it is almost impossible to find an online iGaming platform that does not offer different types of bonuses to its players. New players can use a casino bonus Canada to familiarise themselves with casino gaming. This review will focus on the topic casino bonus and why these bonuses have become famous in online gaming platforms.

Bill O'shannahan
7/30 2018
3/28 2019

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Sloty $300 100%
18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly, T&C Apply
$300 100%
18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly, T&C Apply
Vegas Hero $200 100%
18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly, T&C Apply
$200 100%
18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly, T&C Apply
Casumo 200% $500
18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly, T&C Apply
200% $500
18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly, T&C Apply
LeoVegas $400 200%
18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly, T&C Apply
$400 200%
18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly, T&C Apply
Genesis Casino C$1000 100%

18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly, T&C Apply
Genesis Casino
C$1000 100%
18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly, T&C Apply
Kaboo $100 200%
50 free spins
18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly, T&C Apply
$100 200%
50 free spins
18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly, T&C Apply
Thrills $100 200%

18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly, T&C Apply
$100 200%
18+, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly, T&C Apply

What Is A Casino Deposit Bonus?

The best Canadian casino bonuses offered to players are different and vary from one casino to another. The deposit bonus is one of the most popular and if you have had the chance to play in multiple online sites, you may have realized that almost all of them offer deposit bonuses. Basically, a deposit bonus is the type of bonus offered to players when they deposit their bankroll. The bonus can be in the form of a match-bonus in which the amount a player deposits is matched with some amount of money depending on the specified percentage. In other casinos, the deposit bonus is fixed in that all players get the same amount regardless of the amount they deposit.

Canadian online casino bonuses are different and numerous so as to appeal to the varying tastes and gaming needs of every player. Every bonus that is offered in a casino comes with different terms and conditions that are attached to them. Due to this, it is hard to classify one gaming site bonus as being the best in the industry since everything depends on the specified conditions. For example, you might find out that while some casinos offer fantastic bonuses, their wagering requirements are quite high, while other casinos offer a low bonus amount but have very lenient or no wagering requirements at all. On the other hand, some casinos will require you to use casino bonus Canada codes to claim your bonus while others credit it automatically. With the deposit bonus, you can play your preferred casino games.

New Casino Bonus Canada

When it comes to bonuses, trends often occur. It's not really that surprising. If a casino page tests something new that turns out to work well, then it is evident that many other online casinos will jump on the train. Even they want to attract players. This means that more people have the opportunity to take part in casino bonuses Canada that we like! The trends that have been the rage when it comes to just casino bonuses so far 2018 are mainly the following three:

Wagering free spins upon registration

Something we've seen appearing on more and more online gambling sites is free spins directly upon registration. This means that you will receive free spins immediately when you open your account, without having to make any deposit. In many cases, these free spins also come without wagering requirements which means that all the winnings you make with your spins can be picked out right away. Bonuses without wagering requirements can be challenging to find therefore we all hope that this trend will continue to hold on for a long time to come.

You choose your casino bonus Canada

At many online casinos today you get when to take part in a welcome bonus yourself choose how you want it to look. Often you are faced with two options. Sometimes it is a choice between a more substantial amount of bonus money or more free spins, other times it can be a choice between a bonus on a smaller deposit or a high roller-bonus. To be able to choose the perfect casino bonus Canada for you is, of course, a significant advantage as you can customize the offer according to how you like to play.

Take advantage of your bonus through a code

Something that has become more common on online gambling sites is to offer bonuses that you can access by entering a specific code. This makes it easier for you to choose whether you want to take part in the offer or not. After all, some players prefer to play without bonuses for various reasons. At some casinos, it is required that you contact the customer service before making your deposit if you do not want to take part in an offer. However, if a code is needed to receive the extra money or free spins included in the offer, it is much smoother to avoid a bonus if you would like to.

Finding bonus codes

At new casinos, there are plenty of bonus codes Canda out there, so there is absolutely no impossibility to find them. However, to find those extra sharp bonus codes, it can be an advantage if you are something of a detective! But do not let that scare you. Of course, there are shortcuts for finding bonus codes. Your best weapon to see the bonus codes is that you use a casino guide. Then what is that? Well, it's about getting expert advice that points out which the best casinos Canada are and why you should play on them.

An excellent casino bonus guide Canada should also make it as simple as possible for you to find the right one. This means that the page should account for the information you are looking for as smoothly as possible. If you like bonuses Canada (of course you do, why else would you read this article?) are of course casino bonuses to be lifted up. Then you should be able to quickly draw comparisons between the different pages and then choose the page that suits you best. The best kind of guide, of course, also lifts up the new bonus codes available. The fact that a page has Bonus Codes means that their bonuses are a bit extra beneficial, which is of course always appreciated.

What is the meaning of bonus codes?

It is easy to wonder why there are bonus codes. If they can financially defend offering a bonus-why would it not be provided to everyone? Basically, it's about players to feel selected. In many cases, the casino bonus Canada codes are a bit secret and not at all very easy to get hold of, especially from a historical point of view. Once you find a bonus code, you get excited and choose to deposit extra money on the game page. So you become a faithful customer. The casino hopes, of course, that you will continue to play there even long after the bonus money is picked out as a win or entered the casino's significant money circulation. The new casino Duelz does not have any bonus codes, but we reccomend yu read the review of that exciting new gambling site.

It may also be that someone has decided to start playing at a casino even before the person in question knows that there is an exclusive casino bonus Canada, which can only be activated using a bonus code. In this situation, it is, of course, unnecessary of the casinos to offer the bonus, when they even before had finished with a new player without a bonus. By using bonus codes, you can get players who choose the casinos based on which has the best bonus but also get some players to register and start playing on the site entirely without even getting any casino bonus Canada.

Bonus codes directly at online casinos in Canada

The summary casino bonus Canada code does not always have to be secret. Many casinos use the bonus code as a way to let their players choose which offer they are interested in. It may be that a casino has three different offerings, by using a code, the casino, knows which bonus offer you want to activate. You'll have to watch out, though. However clear they may be with their bonus codes on the page, you may, of course, miss entering the bonus code. In that case, you will miss out on your opportunity to pick bonuses on that website, not least because welcome bonuses are usually only counted on the first deposit money, so it is important not to miss the chance for a casino bonus Canada!

Use Them To Try A Casino Online

As a new player, you may be skeptical about joining a new casino because you are not sure whether it is safe or if it has a wide collection of games. Gamers love casinos that are secure, have diverse casino games and observes high levels of fairness. As such, it is not a surprise when you, as a new player consider such factors about an online casino. To clear your doubts about an iGaming platform you can use the online casino bonus Canada you are given to try the credibility of a casino. The bonuses come in handy when you want to learn more about how a casino functions and how the various casino games are played. Although you can read all about this in reviews from other players and casino review sites, having the chance to join a site and see everything for yourself is more reassuring.

Some players may opt out of a casino bonus Canada, mostly deposit or no deposit bonuses because they find them as a waste of time especially when the wagering requirements are very high. These are the type of players who would like to join a casino, play a game and withdraw their winnings immediately without having to wager their money for hours or even days. Regardless, when you are a new player and you have least understanding about the online gaming sector, it is not advisable to opt out of a bonus. Bonuses are vital to helping you learn the art of gaming. Through them, you can develop tips and strategies that you feel can help you in winning certain games.

Perfect For New Players

Online casino bonuses, such as no deposit bonuses are offered to enable you to bet even when you have not deposited any money in your account. The casino can give you free money inform of spins. You can use these spins to play as much as you can for a specified amount of time. In the end, you are allowed to keep your winnings as long as you have met wagering requirements and any other conditions that are associated with the bonuses. In turn, you can use the winnings to increase your bankroll or withdraw them from your casino for your own use. The main advantage of using these bonuses is that you will be able to enjoy casino fun, entertainment and winning at minimal costs. Additionally, you are able to familiarize yourself with the operations of the casino before depositing huge amounts of money.

Canadian casino bonuses are one sure way of kicking off an amazing gaming experience for beginners. The bonus is a perfect way to familiarize yourself with different games on the website. Also, if you always fear to lose your cash, this free bonus can assist you to gain the confidence of playing in an online casino. Perhaps, you can then choose games you find yourself fine at, deposit real money and start playing. The bonuses are also perfect to you because they enable you to know that you will not always win when they place wagers on various games. This helps you to avoid being disappointed when you play real money games and lose.

Different Types Of Casino Bonuses

There are different types of casino bonuses that are offered to gamers. The most common are free spins, deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, payment method bonuses, reload casino bonuses Canada, loyalty and VIP bonuses and refer a friend bonus. You will find other types of bonuses in various casinos that are offered in form of promotions. Moreover, free spins are among the most popular type of bonus that can be found in almost all casinos if not all.

Free spins are given to players when they register with a casino or during promotions. These spins can be used on any game, unless in instances where a casino has specified the specific games that you should play using them. Most gamers prefer to play video slots using the online casino bonuses they are given. Probably, this is because they make up the highest percentage of casino games and are also among the easiest games to play. Get started in the casino of your choice using casino bonuses.

Free Spin Bonuses

Free spins are incentives that are either standalone or cash match bonus for both new players and existing players too. If you deposit some money into your account, a cash match bonus is added to your account depending on the percentage a casino has stipulated. When you start playing using free spins and get some winnings, they are converted into bonus cash. If you haven’t played games at a casino before, you can leverage on free spins while you master the art of the game. You should take advantage of these free spins to immerse in the games you love.

The welcome package, given in form of a no deposit bonus or deposit bonus is the best casino bonus. A no deposit bonus is the type of casino bonus that does not require you to deposit any money to be eligible for a bonus, while a deposit bonus is the one that requires you to deposit a minimum amount of money in order to be given a bonus.

Deposit Match Bonuses

A match bonus derives its name from the fact that the bonus you get matches the deposit you do. This sounds like free money but it’s not. It requires you to commit some CAD first. Supposing you deposit C$100 and your casino offers a 100% match bonus, then your total bankroll will be C$200. In some casinos, the casino bonus may be more than 100%. Further, the deposit match bonus varies from time to time. It’s important to note that it is literally impractical for casinos to double your cash every time you make a deposit. This is why only your very first deposits will enjoy the cash bonus reward.

Cash Back Bonuses

When playing for real money in your online casino, you can either win or lose. Much as no one likes to lose, it is inevitable since, at the end of it all, there has to be a winner and a loser. To make you feel better when you lose a bet, some casinos offer cash back online casino bonuses. Primarily, these are the type of bonuses in which you are given a certain percentage of your money back when your wager does not go as you anticipated. These kinds of online casino bonuses are not as common and are only offered for a given period of time. Hence, when your casino is generous enough to give them to you, always make sure you take full advantage.

The other best casino bonus is the reload bonus. In this, your casino gives you a specified amount of bonus money, free spins and other exciting prizes in your subsequent deposits. Casinos use the bonuses as a way of stimulating you to continue playing and depositing more money. The amount given varies from 50% to 100% of the amount you deposit. The percentage may go higher in some casinos. If you are the kind of player who deposits huge amounts of money on a regular basis, your casino might surprise you with High Roller Bonuses. In this, you get to enjoy higher bonuses than those given to other players and other exclusive perks.

Best Online Casino Bonuses

Players have grown fond of online casino bonuses, making it hard to imagine how hard it would be if they were not present on the iGaming sector. All the bonuses are excellent, but there are those that stand out, starting with the deposit bonus. Besides this, loyalty bonuses are a classic example of the best casino bonus. If you want to enjoy these, you will have to be loyal to a casino by keeping on depositing your bankroll and playing the different casino games that are provided by your casino. The payment method bonus is also among the best casino bonus that you will find in different online casinos.

Wager Requierments Matter

Online casino bonuses can sometimes look very lucrative. Some beginners may think that this is literally money that they can play with, win some cash and withdraw it immediately. The truth, however, is that there are certain restrictions before you can withdraw the bonus money. These restrictions are known as wagering requirements. They are well noted on the terms and conditions page of every casino. For example, you can find a casino's wagering requirement is 20x or 30x. In the first instance, you need to wager the bonus 20 times before you can cash it out. If you receive a bonus of C$300 of online Casino Bonus and it has 20x wagering requirements, you will need to place bets worth C$6000 so that you can eventually enjoy the bonus.

The wagering requirements can make a player lose morale of playing in that particular casino. Some players may opt to register with casinos that have no wager online casino bonus to avoid the frustrations of having to meet some terms for them to cash out their winnings. No wager bonuses denote to the bonuses in which you are not expected to meet any requirements before you can withdraw the cash you win. When you are looking for a casino that offers no wager bonuses the amount or type of bonus they offer should not be the only determining factor. This is due to the fact that, to a greater extent, they do not accurately reflect the excellence of a site.

Look For No Wager Bonuses

No wager online casino bonus Canada will eventually gain fame, as the industry continues to expand and players dispute the wagering requirements that most of them find unfair. Notably, with so much competition in the iGaming sector, many online casinos are offering greater online casino bonuses in a bid to stand out from the rest. Sadly, these generous casino bonuses mostly come with very high wagering requirements that are designed to prevent gamers from withdrawing their winnings. Luckily, following rising demand for lower wagering requirements, there is a growing number of iGaming sites that offer no wager bonuses.

Free Spins

As a Canadian player, you qualify to quite a large number of Canadian casino bonuses. The best of these bonuses are the no deposit free spins. There are several credible casinos that offer bonus spins, with some of the top-rated being Leo Vegas Casino, All Jackpots Casino, All Slots Casino, 888 Casino, and SpinPalace Casino. The bonus is very straightforward and can be claimed without much ado. Nevertheless, some casinos might require you to use a bonus code to claim your free spins bonus. Also, make sure you understand the terms and conditions associated with the offer as they differ from casino to casino.

Summary - Casino bonus Canada

You’ve read a lot about casino bonus Canada now and you might feel eager to play. And that’s awesome. But, a few tips for you to collect your free money is to always check out how many times you have to wager the amount and whether it is reasonable that you will be able to meet the criteria. It may sometimes be worth refraining the bonus for purely psychological reasons in order for you not to feel pressured to play too much even if it is money you received for free. Casino games should always be fun and the old cliché that you should never play for money you can not afford to lose, has become a cliché for a reason.

A huge cash bonus is not always the best

Also, if the bonus is incredibly large, then it's probably bound to unreasonable wagering requirements that are difficult to meet, so always read the small print and don’t stare yourself not blind when it comes to high amounts Canada casino bonus. However, do not be discouraged from receiving free money. There is every opportunity to meet the requirements as long as you are aware that they exist.

Many players throw themselves in without reading the fine print and then get a sad surprise when they can not then withdraw the money because they neglected to read the regulations. It is these poor people who allow the casinos to continue offering deposit bonuses without pushing themselves to the brink of financial ruin. So be smart and play strategically so you should see that there are all the possibilities for really big free amounts without excessive risks to your own capital.

We at TheBestCasino.Ca© believe in responsible gaming. So, if you are ready to gamble, just remember to do it responsibly!